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First-Time Golfer

Although it's common for first-time golfers to get first-time jitters, it's avoidable. Just get a little preparation so that you don't go in blind. Here are several pieces of advice that can help make your first round of golf much smoother.


In order to play on the 18-hole course you will need a Green Card. A Green Card serves as a certificate that proves you are aware of the basic rules and etiquette of golf. The course consists of a theory portion where you are introduced to golf history, rules, and general knowledge. This is followed by practice on the range and course. On your first day you will learn how to play golf at our full-scale practice facility.


Our Club has one of the finest practice facilities in the area. In addition to the driving range we also offer a short game area that includes a green and sand trap. This will allow for all aspect of the short game to be perfected. We also offer a putting facility that is identical to what you will find on the course.


Taking lesson isn't just for new players, though they certainly benefit. A private lesson includes an introductory lecture on traditions, rules and etiquette of golf, all necessary equipment (clubs and practice balls), and a 50-minute instruction with our knowledgeable and attentive Golf Pro. You will be encouraged to improve your swing on your own, since self-discovery can be more powerful than someone telling you what to do.


Every golfer knows you need to wear a collared shirt and presentable shorts or pants. Golf shoes are usually not required, and golf gloves are always up to the golfer, but both are good things to have and use. You can play your way around the golf course in tennis shoes, running shoes, cross trainers, or any shoes you wish, so long as they do not damage the turf. Jeans and denim are not permitted on the golf course.


You can book your private lesson by calling our front desk manager, sending an email or using our online booking facility the day before you want to play and requesting a specific time. We look forward to seeing you at Minsk Golf Club!

Private Golf Lessons

Daily Green Fees

9-Hole Championship Course 

1 round - 50 BYN

18-Hole Championship Course 

1 round - 80 BYN

9-Hole Academy Course 

1 day - 25 BYN

Caddy Services (1 round)

10 BYN

Golf Packages

Rental Equipment

Driving range bucket / 50 balls

Price: 5 BYN

Club rental / 1 club

Price: 5 BYN

Club rental / 3 clubs / 1 day

Price: 12 BYN

Complete golf club set & bag rental / 1 day

Price: 40 BYN

Complete children’s golf club set & bag rental / 1 day

Price: 20 BYN

Premium golf club set & bag rental /1 day

Price: 60 BYN

Empty bag upon request / 1 day

Price: 10 BYN

Pull cart / 1 day

Price: 10 BYN

Power cart / 1 play

Price: 70 BYN

Golf package (pull cart, golf club set & bag, a bucket of balls, power cart) / 1 play

Price: 100 BYN

Bag storage / 1 month

Price: 50 BYN

Bag storage / 1 week

Price: 20 BYN

Bag storage / full day

Price: 5 BYN

Locker rental / 1 month

Price: 50 BYN

Locker rental / 1 week

Price: 20 BYN

Locker rental / full day

Price: 5 BYN

Pull cart storage / 1 month

Price: 40 BYN

Pull cart storage / 1 week

Price: 20 BYN

Pull cart storage / full day

Price: 5 BYN

Tournaments Golf Club Minsk

Local / International one-day tournament

Any guests – 150 BYN

Membership holders – 80 BYN

Membership holders Junior / Junior 9– 50 BYN

Local / International two-day tournament

Any guests – 200 BYN

Membership holders – 120 BYN

Membership holders Junior / Junior 9 – 60 BYN

Сlub membership