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The Great British Festival

The Great British Festival

The Great British Festival

On June 16th, Minsk Golf Club took part in the Great British Festival. This large-scale event took place in the historical center of Minsk for the first time and swept across ten thematic venues.


Together with ProGolf Club, we installed a golf simulator on our venue for visitors to work on various parts of golf game, try new equipment, and receive instruction from our knowledgeable Golf Professionals. We offered our guests the chance to make some history of their own by taking pictures of amazing golf carts for long-lasting memories. Kids and juniors were served delicious souvenirs.


We hope all of you had a wonderful day, and we look forward to seeing you at our next celebration. There are some things about golf that remain a secret and unless you become a golfer, you may never find out what they are. Come out and enjoy the unique golf courses in Belarus, here at Minsk Golf Club.