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Texas Scramble – Summer 2018 Tournament

Texas Scramble – Summer 2018 Tournament


On June 2nd, Minsk Golf Club hosted its first Texas Scramble Tournament. Texas Scramble, also known as Captain’s Choice, is a form of team competition in golf. Players in each team play shots off all tees in any order, as agreed between them, and they choose the more suitable ball to continue the hole.

Each member of the team is required to "contribute" at least four drives to the team during the round. Teams return one score for each hole and the team with the lowest score for the round wins. One of its attractions is that poor golfers can join in with little fear of embarrassment or of being a burden to other players. Experienced players helped those new to the game experience the ultimate enjoyment of golf while learning the fundamentals — full swing, chipping and putting.

Texas Scramble – Summer 2018 Winners:

Group 1 winner:

  • Vladimir Dormidontov
  • Andrey Mezin
  • Roman Denisov
  • Marina Fedyukovich

Group 2 winner:

  • Igor Alkhimovich
  • Sergey Bashlak
  • Sergey Zhilkin
  • Alexander Nemtsov

Group 3 winner:

  • Georghii Prigozhy
  • Anatoly Dvornikov
  • Andrey Kuchmarev
  • Anastasia Prigozhaya

Congratulations to Texas Scramble – Summer 2018 Tournament Sponsors and Players! We hope all of you had a wonderful day on the green, and we look forward to seeing you at our next tournament.