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Time to Golf Tournament 2019

Time to Golf Tournament 2019


It's no secret that golf has very strong traditions. Our golfers can be just as creative and inventive when it comes to the fan-made amateur 3-club tournament. For the third time, it is being organized by the only golf operator in our country - Time Voyage.

The prerequisite of this tournament was playing 18 holes with just 3 clubs, one of which is a putter or a chipper. For some, the need to decide on three clubs complicated the scenario, while others, on the contrary, noted that they played with three clubs much better than they do on regular days with a full set. The scoring systems of the tournament were Stableford and Stroke play, as well as the Long Drive and Closest to the Pin special nominations.0005.jpg0008.jpg

The 3-club tournament turned out to be one of the largest in this season - 57 participants arrived to compete for the victory; 9 of them were children who played on the same conditions as adults on an academic 9-hole course. On the championship 18-hole course, one could meet not only our Belarusian participants, but also golfers from Russia, Moldova and South Korea.

The golfers teed off simultaneously at 11.00. Playing on the course was comfortable thanks to the warm and sunny weather. The first flights began to return to the summer club house closer to 16.00.0061.jpg0057.jpg

Our fan tournament ended with a traditional award ceremony. In addition to the main nominations, participants were awarded for the best costume. In total, 6 golfers presented their costumes while playing on the course. Their creative potential was evaluated by our jury members and spectators.0077.jpg0105.jpg

A wonderful dinner prepared by the RestoDom culinary studio featured our award ceremony. Everybody was delighted by the Tea for Two Maryia Hare musical duet.

We thank Time Voyage for an excellent organization of the competition, and the participants for being with us at such a bright and fun tournament. Congratulations to the 2019 Time to Golf winners.0087.jpg

The 2019 Time to Golf Tournament Winners:

Best gross – Georgiy Prigozhiy

Men HCP 0-24 Stableford

  • 1st place – Mstislav Kochkin

  • 2nd place – Vadim Devyatovsky
  • 3nd place - Georgiy Prigozhiy

Men HCP 24.1-36 Stableford

  • 1st place – Oleg Macaed
  • 2nd place – Daniil Kuskov
  • 3rd place – Pavel Zaginailo

Women HCP 0-36 Stableford

  • 1st place - Natalya Reutskaya
  • 2nd place - Natalia Tumanova
  • 3rd place – Svetlana Antonova

Children 6 to 12 years Stroke play

  • 1st place - Mikhail Yaruk
  • 2nd place – Ilya Macayed
  • 3rd place - Vladimir Belous

 Special nominations:

  • Women’s Long Drive – Natalia Reutskaya
  • Men’s Long Drive - Richard Pyo
  • Women’s Closest to the Pin – Irina Popova
  • Men’s Closest to the Pin – Vadim Devyatovsky
  • Best Debut - Alexander Litvinchik
  • Intellectual Golfer - Georgiy Prigozhiy
  • Politest Golfer – Vadim Galygin