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Texas Scramble - Summer 2019

Texas Scramble - Summer 2019


On July 7, our golf club hosted one of the most soulful and friendly tournaments - Texas Scramble - Summer 2019. The main highlight of the format of this competition is a team game. It is in Texas Scramble that beginners can go round with strong players. They are bounded by their common goal - the nominations presented in the team competition.

The tournament was attended by 8 teams, 4 golfers in each team. This time, not only Belarusian athletes visited us, but also guests from France and Ukraine. The teams were selected by drawing lots. Golfers with the highest HCP index became captains. The captains took turns pulling in notes with names, thereby forming their own flight.IMG_5259.jpgIMG_5301.jpgIMG_5293.jpg

The weather did not treat us the way we supposed, but despite the light rain, all golfers had a great mood and fighting spirit. In addition to team nominations, golfers tried their hand at our special categories: Long Drive and Closest to the Pin. Yuri Tabolich crushed 230 m and Vladislav Zhuk hit their ball 3.5 m close to the hole.

After a six-hour game, all the participants gathered at our summer clubhouse for the awards ceremony. While waiting for the results, they did not have to be bored at all - we held a lottery with nice prizes.IMG_5441.jpgIMG_5431.jpgIMG_5495.JPG

We once again sincerely congratulate our winners and wish them health and every success.


Texas Scramble - Summer 2019 Winners

  • 1st place - 56 strokes minus HCP

Georgiy Prigozhiy

Nikolay Kuskov

Roman Denisov

Andrey Shulga

  • 2nd place - 59 strokes minus HCP

Andrey Yaruk

George Dovgyallo

Natalia Dovgyallo

Kristina Doulevich

  • 3rd place - 60 strokes minus HCP

Mikhail Kotok

Svetlana Berkovskaya

Pavel Shparkovich

Robert Zuments

  • Special nominations:

Closest to the Pin - Vladislav Zhuk 3.50 m

Long Drive - Yuri Tabolich 230 m