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Summer Golf School Opening

Summer Golf School Opening


Minsk golf club launched its first Summer Golf School. We say: there is no better game! This project will definitely help children to get acquainted with golf - experienced coaches will tell them about golf etiquette and golf traditions, dress code and basic rules and, of course, will teach the technique of the game itself.

IMG_9197.jpgThe first session of our summer golf school will last 5 days: from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.00

During this time, children will receive:

  • morning yoga classes with an instructor;
  • at least 3 hours a day of golf training under the guidance of a coach;
  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea);
  • creative workshops and classes.

IMG_9533.jpgThe first day of the first session turned out to be “la maravilla” as Spanish people say. Children met and became friends, tried their hand at the driving range and putting green, and made beautiful souvenirs at a master class on painting plaster figures.

Unfortunately, the first session is completed. But!

The second session starts on July 22 and will last until July 26. We invite everyone to enjoy summer vacations at Minsk golf club.

If any questions appear, please do not hesitate to contact us: +375 29 370 31 67