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Neighborhood Clean-up at Minsk Golf Club

Neighborhood Clean-up at Minsk Golf Club


There are only a few days left before the official opening of the club. We look forward to seeing our honored guests – the course is well groomed, the summer marquee is set up, all the necessary stuff has been purchased.IMG_0675~photo копия.jpgIMG_0678~photo копия.jpg

One of the traditions we have at our club is to hold a neighborhood clean-up before its opening. This year we were joined by the Belarusian Golf Association and our dear golfers. Volunteers can quickly transform an area that looks uncared for into one that people are happy to use. 
IMG_0705~photo копия.jpgIMG_0727~photo копия.jpg

The Club prepared a nice bonus for the participants of our neighborhood clean-up – after the cleaning everyone could play on the course. Scheduled day is a pledge of a productive day!