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Honoring the 3x3 Basketball Teams

Honoring the 3x3 Basketball Teams


On June 26, a significant event took place at our golf club – the honoring ceremony for the 3x3 Belarusian basketball teams. Our teams bronzed at the II European Games, showing good results and feeding the sportsmen with a positive inspiration.
mWYeUy8eqPc.jpg4nORSpQZ1Lk.jpgWe are proud of the achievements of our athletes and happy to host the award ceremony at our summer clubhouse. Under the guidance of an experienced coach, everyone could see how far they can hit a golf ball on the driving range or gently hit golf balls into a series of holes for entertainment.
UMsV1YGH9PA.jpgWe hope, the II European Games will bring many more victories and joyful moments to our Belarusian athletes.