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Golden Finals 2019

Golden Finals 2019


On October 19, Minsk Golf Club hosted its season finals – Golden Finals 2019. We summed up not only the results of the competition but also of the whole season itself - winners were announced and certificates for membership 2020 were awarded. The Belarusian Golf Association, as the general partner of the competition, took part in the Golden Finals 2019 as well.

The weather was awesome – fair-weather golfers dully appreciated its generosity. Golfers noted that playing was a real pleasure. No wonder that 57 players arrived at our club that day. At 11.00 after the announcement of the rules, the chairman of the Belarusian Golf Association Vladimir Drazhin, said his parting words and thanked all the present.IMG_1310.jpgIMG_1391.jpg

The participants competed in three categories – men HCP 0-24 Stableford, men HCP 24.1-36 Stableford and women HCP 0-36 Stableford. We didn’t forget the traditional Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin and Best Gross nominations as well. In addition, Minsk Golf Club prepared a small surprise - 12 new nominations.IMG_1488.jpg

At the award ceremony, participants were given the opportunity to take part in a quiz prepared by our golf club and enjoy heartfelt songs performed by golfer Sergei Zhilkin. To mark the end of the 2019 season, we have prepared another surprise - a festive cake. The first piece of cake was solemnly cut off by the Captain of Minsk Golf Club Andrei Yaruk.IMG_2839.jpgIMG_2812.jpg

After the tournament results were announced, statistics for the entire 2019 season were summarized and award winners were announced, namely “Best Results of the Season”, “Progress of the Year”, “Golf Family of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year” and many others. The distinguished golfers were awarded commemorative prizes. Our award ceremony ended with the announcement of the strongest in a series of ranking tournaments.IMG_3052.jpgIMG_3092.jpgIMG_3176.jpg

Minsk Golf Club thanks everyone who joined us at the finals. We are extremely grateful to the members and guests of Minsk Golf Club for the constant inspiration and lifetime experience.

We also thank all our partners who supported the development of golf in Belarus throughout the season.

Golden Finals 2019 Winners:

Men’s Best Gross - Igor Alkhimovich

Women’s Best Gross  - Nadezhda Yaruk

Men HCP 0-24 Stableford

1st place - Mikhail Zaginailo

2nd place - Andrey Yaruk

3rd place - Anatoly Dvornikov

Men HCP 24.1-36 Stableford

1st place - Alexey Grakov

2nd place - Pavel Shparkovich

3rd place - Georgy Dovgyallo

Women HCP 0-36 Stableford

1st place - Natalya Tumanova

2nd place - Oksana Kuskova

3rd place - Nadezhda Yaruk

Special Categories:

Women’s Longest Drive - Natalya Tumanova

Men’s Longest Drive – Georgy Prigozhy

Women’s Closest to the Pin - Oksana Kuskova

Men’s Closest to the Pin - Mikhail Zaginaylo

The 2019 Season Nominations:

Best Gross Score

Igor Alkhimovich - 80 shots, Golden Finals 2019

2. Best Stableford Score

Pavel Zaginailo - 48 shots, 09/22/2019

White Cup 2019

3. Steady Player

Richard Pyo

4. Junior of the Year

Mikhail Zaginailo

5. Golf Family of the Year

Alexander Litvinchik, Elena Litvinchik, Ivan Litvinchik, Stepan Litvinchik

6. Progress of the Year

Mikhail Zaginailo

7. Prize Winner of the Year

Georgy Prigozhy

8. Driving Range Enthusiast

Maxim Vyatkin

9. Golf Course Enthusiast

Georgy Prigozhy

10. Hole 19 Café Frequent Visitor

Natalya Tumanova

11. Social Media Star

Natalya Tumanova

12. Rookie of the Year

Alexander Tsarev

2019 Leaderboard


1st place - Georgy Prigozhy 165 points

2nd place - Richard Pyo 127 points

3rd place - Andrey Yaruk 118 points


1st place - Mikhail Zaginaylo 132 points

2nd place - Pavel Zaginaylo 122 points

3rd place - Sergey Zhilkin 118 points