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First Crystal Golf Tournament

First Crystal Golf Tournament


The First Crystal Golf Tournament became the first play at our golf club in 2019, but above all, the first winter golf tournament in Belarus. We discovered and experienced a new promising area – golfing within the context of Belarusian winter.DSC_0116.JPGThe playing conditions of the First Crystal Golf tournament differed from those of summer tournaments. The weather was comfortable enough to golf; the course was previously prepared by the Club’s staff. In the midst of the game the sun peeped out from behind the clouds. The glistening snow brightened up the day. The play was divided into two stages being held at the Driving Range and over the 9-hole Academy course.


The First Crystal Golf. Sniper. The one whose ball was closest to the flagstick – wins the prize. Both men and women took place in this category. Each participant had 5 shots, of which 2 were practice shots. Men’s distance was 100 m, women’s 75 m. The closest shot to the hole amounted to 1 m 22 cm, but unfortunately it was just a practice shot. Really ironic.


The First Crystal Golf. This stage was held on the 9-hole Academy course. Alternate Shot format involved 2 teams of 4 golfers. The tournament was scored using Stroke Play (35% of the Hdp), also known as medal play. The holes measured from 60 to 110 m.DSC_0233-1.JPG

The award ceremony was all about approaching prizes, enjoying nice shashlyk and fragrant mulled wine in a soulful atmosphere. Thanks and Congratulations to The First Crystal Golf winners and sponsors for not being afraid of cold and for sharing this experience with us!

The First Crystal Golf Tournament Winners:

The First Crystal Golf
  • First place - Sergey Zhilkin
  • Second place -  Andrey Yaruk
  • Third place -  Nadezhda Yaruk

The First Crystal Golf. Sniper
Men's distance
  • First place - Sergey Golubev
  • Second place -  Andrey Yaruk
  • Third place - Gheorghii Prigozhy
   Women's distance 
  • First place -  Nadezhda Yaruk
  • Second place - Irina Shavel