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Captain’s Cup 2019

Captain’s Cup 2019


On August 18, our golf club featured a tournament organized for the first time by the club captains - Andrei Yaruk and Zhanna Maksimchik. It was decided to hold the competition in a new format - to change the starting positions depending on the score recorded on each hole.IMG_2729.jpgIMG_2860.jpg

At 11.00 all competitors teed off simultaneously from different holes. Altogether, 24 golfers took part in the tournament: 18 men and 6 women. As far as the 0-24 HCP group is concerned, in case of a golf score of three strokes over par on a hole (bogey), everyone continued playing from their designated tees. When shooting even par, men played from white tees, and in the case of double bogey from red ones; women and children switched to yellow tees or to the beginning of fairway, respectively. Regarding the 24.1-36 HCP group, the double-bogey was the reference result for changing the tees.

Captain’s Cup 2019 was highlighted by the number of special nominations. This time there was no Long Drive nomination due to the fact that the starting position was constantly changing, however, four holes were allocated for Closest to the Pin nomination. The captains took the initiative and offered the golfers their individual prize - the award was waiting for the one who would get on the first try to the green of the par 3s. Nobody hit all par 3s, but Natalya Tumanova managed to show the best result – three par 3s.IMG_2909.jpgIMG_2943.jpgIMG_3060.jpg

The golfers spoke positively about the new format - they managed to feel the course in a new way, especially when they had to make shots from distant positions. At the request of golfers, the additional white tees established for this tournament will stay until the end of the season.

At the end of the play, everyone gathered for the awards ceremony to announce the winners of the tournament. Zhanna and Andrey congratulated the winners by presenting awards and prizes from the club management and our partners. After the ceremony, all those present enjoyed the dance part of the evening - the Peace Tour operator invited to our tournament gorgeous dancers who performed emotional flamenco.IMG_3198.jpgIMG_3883.jpgIMG_4117.jpg

We thank all the participants of the Captain’s Cup 2019 for being open to new ideas, our partners who have provided worthy prizes, and sincerely congratulate the winners of the tournament. Looking forward to seeing you soon at Minsk Golf Club.

Captain’s Cup 2019 Winners:

BEST GROSS -  Georgy Prigozhy

Group 0-24 Stableford

  • 1st place - Andrey Yaruk

  • 2nd place - Richard Pyo

  • 3rd place - Natalya Reutskaya

Group 24.1 - 36 Stableford

  • 1st place - Sergey Zhilkin

  • 2nd place -  Pavel Shparkovich

  • 3rd place - Mikhail Zaginaylo

Special nominations:

  • Сlosest to the pin Hole 3 – Pavel Shparkovich

  • Сlosest to the pin Hole 7 – Zhanna Maksimchik

  • Сlosest to the pin Hole 11 - Vladimir Stratan

  • Сlosest to the pin Hole 16 - Vladimir Frolov

  • Captain's prize - Natalia Tumanova